5 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Entrepreneurship is all about ideas, passion and effort. To reach the peaks of success, you should take baby steps first.

As it's always the tiny efforts that eventually give birth to something big, unbeatable, and truly appreciative.

So, if you plan to become an entrepreneur as successful as Bill Gates or perhaps Mark Zuckerberg, you need to train your mind bit by bit.

You need to slowly train your mind with the right knowledge.

5 books for entrepreneurs

Such people did not let a day pass by without reading or studying something valuable.

According to an estimate, 88 percent of all successful entrepreneurs firmly believe in reading at least 30 minutes every day.

As these individuals are famous for making history and investing their time wisely, they would never trade 30 minutes of their precious time with something else.

So, there is a reason why entrepreneurs prefer reading.  There are some books every entrepreneur loves to read and get benefit from.

Well, this guide will help you with the very subject.  Below, you will find the top 5 books that entrepreneurs read and the reason why they prefer reading them?

What do established entrepreneurs aim to achieve from reading these books? Find it all below!

Why is Reading Important for Entrepreneurs?

While discussing better entrepreneurship, people mention techniques like market evaluation, competitor research, and reinforced plans.

But do you know what the best entrepreneurs of the world suggest? They recommended reading!

Why is Reading Important for Entrepreneurs

But do you know what the best entrepreneurs of the world suggest?  They recommended reading!

Well, if you explore the value of reading when it comes to entrepreneurship, you would know how much benefits it provides.

Reading may seem like an ordinary and old habit, but it can help you a lot in business. Let’s discuss in detail!

Expands Your Brain Power

As a struggling entrepreneur, you will admire the outstanding brain powers of successful businessmen. It helps them deal with almost any problem instantly.

However, have you ever thought about the possibility of getting these powers for yourself too? If so, you only need to adopt the habit of reading!

According to a study at Stanford, reading books exercises your brain and improves your thinking ability.

Entrepreneurs and book reading

It stimulates the memory-relevant parts of the brain making it function better and sharpen your memory.

Reading also helps in making your decision abilities strategic by developing verbal intelligence as well as analytic thinking skills.

Offers the Solution

Do you find yourself stuck in situations where you can’t analyse or solve a problem?  Well, there are 99% chances that some other entrepreneur has already faced the problem.

In business, there are rules and definitions. And, there lies a limitation to the problem possibilities.

Hence, the business-related challenge you are facing today must have been solved by an entrepreneur in the past

5 books that entrepreneurs should read

So, reading books not only improves your brainpower, but also gives you a possible solution to your problems.

You can even find the answers to the most complex problems through reading only!

Improves Social Relationships

Socializing and developing work relations is an important part of entrepreneurship.

As this field revolves around people, social relationships can either boost your business or break it.

For building better relationships, you must understand the mentality and perspective of others.

Books improves entrepreneurship

According to a study, reading develops the ability to comprehend the intents and approaches of others.  The understanding avoids clashes between two contradictory viewpoints.

Hence, improving relations and allowing you to develop better strategies that take psychology into account.

These strategies can help you target a better audience, generate sales, and boost the business.

Reduces the Stress

Handling stress is essential to be a successful entrepreneur before it burns you out.

However, not all people are good at relaxing themselves.  Some seek entertainment, while some engage in other chores.

But, did you know the mere act of reading reduces 68% of the stress automatically?  When stressed, focusing on the words helps to relieve the tension in your muscles.

Apart from its calming effect, reading helps you to feel 20% more satisfied with life.

Makes you better Orally

You must have heard people claiming how more reading helped them improve their speaking. 

5 books that you have to read

Well, if you never believe those people, you were wrong! Reading does improve your conversational skills.

The flow and style of the written context affect our speech.  Reading quality books can help you communicate better.

Hence, it boosts your confidence and expands your vocabulary.. 

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is a book written after 25 years of research.  Without a doubt, its text comprises years of experience and wisdom.

Napoleon Hill's inspiration to write this book came from a series of work failures that he faced himself and partially from a colleague’s faith in him.

Over 25 years, he interviewed more than 500 self-made millionaires and summed up their approach towards business and entrepreneurship to help the aspiring entrepreneurs.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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Hill talks about the power of thoughts in this book.

When you read it, it will constantly remind you and guide you about using failure to your advantage, and rising back stronger and better.

You only need to have faith and should be willing to win.

Also, it strongly advocates the Law of Attraction, which states that you get what you set your mind to achieve.

Think and Grow Rich

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Also, it strongly advocates the Law of Attraction, which states that you get what you set your mind to achieve.

If you wish and will for something strong enough (and also put in the due effort), you're likely to achieve it.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

The book, How to Win Friends and Influence People is one of the most influential self-help books in the world.

Dale Carnegie, the author of this book, was a business educator in New York. Later, he collected his courses in book form, which got published in 1936.

The book received instant recognition and still holds immense importance in the business world.

It revolves around social relationships and connection building. The book coins effective ways to understand others and react accordingly

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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The book explains some techniques for handling people, including don’t criticize, condemn, or complain to people.  You should always give honest and sincere appreciation.

Carnegie states six ways of making people like you.

• You need to be genuinely interested in other people.
• Always pronounce someone’s name correctly.
• Don’t forget to smile.
• Learn to be a good listener, encourage others to talk about their lives.
• Talk to people about their interests
• Make people feel important

He also explained the twelve ways to win people to your way of thinking.

Some of them are to avoid an argument, show respect to others opinions, admit your mistakes, talk in a friendly way, dramatize your ideas, and many more.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

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For changing people without giving offense, Carnegie explained nine ways.

Some of them are to begin with honest appreciation, call attention to their mistakes indirectly, talk about your own mistakes before criticizing others.

You should praise every improvement of others, give them a fine reputation to live up to, use encouragement, and make other people happy by suggesting things similar to their interests.

These specified methods can help any entrepreneur improve their relations with prospects and immediately.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

Written by Stephen Cover, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People will put before a complete comprehensive plan regarding developing a true entrepreneur mindset.

The author studied 200 years' worth of literature to first explain the true meaning of success to human kind.

In his research, he found that success initially meant having high morale (honest, trustworthy, etc.) 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

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Later on, the perspective shifted towards having certain attitudes and images in public. He then proposed seven effective habits that will help you ace at both.

Habit 1, 2, and 3 focus on self-mastery and the journey from dependence to independence.

These habits include being proactive, beginning with the end in mind, and putting first things first

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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Habit 4,5, and 6 are all about developing teamwork and collaboration, including thinking win-win, seeking first to understand then to be understood, and synergizing.

These habits will help you attain an independent state of mind and communicate and collaborate better with other individuals.

The seventh habit will lead you to a path of constant growth and improvement.  It’s all about sharpening your saw.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

As the name recommends, the book Rich Dad Poor Dad is all about personal finance, investments, and businesses.

It offers a detailed insight into how investing in assets, real estate, and opening businesses can guarantee financial security.

The book, co-authored by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter, belongs to the series Rich Dad. It got published in 1997, and since then, has received massive appreciation.

The book is about Robert Kiyosaki and his two dads. One is his real father (poor dad) and the other one is his best friend’s dad (rich dad).

Kiyosaki has explained the ways his both dads have shaped his thoughts about money and investment.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

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He addressed a common myth that you don’t need to earn a high income to become rich. All you need is to learn financial literacy and build assets.

People’s lives are controlled by two emotions: fear and greed. That is why middle-class people can never become rich.

The key to become rich is to have a business mindset; your mind is your biggest asset.

Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson

Losing My Virginity is an autobiography of Richard Branson, a successful British entrepreneur.  It is the first book of his autobiography series that takes his story from the to early 40s.

The book emphasizes the fact that there is no right way of doing business.

His journey unwinds how he took great risks and still became successful.  Published in 1998, this is an inspirational book for young entrepreneurs and business start-ups.

The book is a complete tale of personal and business survival of a man who has the business expertise of Bill Gates and promotional instincts of Barnum.

Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson

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In less than 25 years, Branson started hundreds of successful ventures.  He didn’t limit himself on one type of business, instead he did everything from airline business to bridal wear.

Branson has written his own rules for success.  He started a group of companies with a global presence without any management or hierarchy.

He emphasized on the importance of having a balanced personal and professional life.  The book is a portrait of balanced personal life filled with colourful stories.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, reading withholds immense potential to boost your entrepreneurship skills. As an entrepreneur, it is good to possess degrees and formal education in the field.

However, this knowledge won’t develop the essential soft skills required to excel in business.

Entrepreneurs and books

These include problem-solving, analytical thinking, oral communication, relationship building, and stress reduction.

Hopefully, you might’ve found excellent books mentioned above to give you a head-start in reading.

Good Luck!