5 Books that Expose the Secret of Writing Killer Blog Content

Do you need help to write great content?  Here 5 'tools' (books) that expose the Secret of Writing Killer Blog Content.

These days, to establish a reputable and recognized online presence, you need to understand content marketing.

Without it, your business may never be able to receive the attention it deserves.

If you are not familiar with content marketing, it refers to the process of creating digital content like articles, blogs, videos, graphics, and other such media to increase your sales.

Now, it isn't equal to any advertisement.

Secret of Writing Killer Blog Content

All of this digital media intends to increase awareness about your existence in the industry, and hence, it covers much more than just selling your product or service.

With that said, blog posts are one of the most highly recommended ways of marketing yourself through digital content.

Several successful marketers claim that blogging has increased 13 times more ROI, which is short for Return of Investment.

However, these blog posts should not only be limited to your specific product or services.  You need to cover all relevant topics that your targeted audience might be interested to know.

For example, if you sell the latest mobile phones, your audience would be very much interested in the latest innovations and technologies in the world of smartphones.

You can craft an authentic and informative post on that.

5 Books that Expose the Content

However, if it were that simple, each business's success would be sky-rocketing.  But that's not the case as crafting a blog post is an art.

It requires the skill of writing as well as understanding your reader, which is not easy for everyone.

So, in this guide, we have compiled the top 5 books that expose the secret for crafting killer blog content.

Everybody Writes by Ann Handley

Well, when it comes to blog writing, Ann Handley's Everybody Writes cannot be overlooked at all.  This bestseller is perhaps the most basic yet most comprehensive book of all.

Handley talks about how the capability to write exists within us all.  Surely, some of you happen to have extra command on it, but others can learn it from scratch too.

About which, the skilled author guides in detail.

Plus, the author emphasizes greatly upon the need for using simple terms and simple words.  Avoid using complex terms, idioms, phrases, and metaphors.

Instead, opt for everyday language and explain yourself thoroughly.

Everybody Writes by Ann Handley

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She suggests the writer should assume that the reader knows nothing and writes in a way that intrigues the readers and pulls them deeper into the field.

You can do so by mentioning factual data regarding your audience's concern.  You may use statistics, facts, figures, etc.

Backing your content with factual data gives the readers a reason to believe.  It convinces them about the authenticity of your words.

Additionally, you will find details about recommended lengths of digital content, such as for blog posts, she recommends about 1500 words.

However, she also claims that it's the quality and not the quantity of the words that matter.  Write little but meaningful. 

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini

Writing a persuasive blog is not as easy as it may sound.  But writing an error-free, grammatically excellent blog post is not difficult.

However, crafting a blog that gets readers to agree with you takes a lot of practice and understanding.

If you are unaware of the methods of writing persuasive content, you will not keep up with the blog’s performance regarding audience conversations, traffic, and brand authority.

Why so? Readers will get the message, but they will not act on it due to the lack of persuasion.

If you want people to take action, spread awareness about your brand, attract potential clients, build trust, or do copywriting, then you must understand the psychology of persuasion.

Fortunately, Influence: the psychology of persuasion by Robert Cialdini deals with this topic.

Influence The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini

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It is a New-York Times bestseller written by a renowned expert in the field of persuasion and influence.

In this book, he explains in-depth the six universal principles that make one a skilled persuader.  He teaches his readers how to use them in business and everyday life; ethically.

According to Ciadini’s first principle of persuasion, human beings feel obliged to return favours and pay back debts to others if they have received from them.  This principle is known as “Reciprocity.”

The second principle “Commitment” states that humans want to be seen as consistent.  Like once we have committed to something, we are more likely to deliver that commitment. 

Blog content 5 books

The third principle “Social Proof” is defined as people like to do what they see others doing.  We seek validation from other people when we aren’t sure of ourselves or when people we observe are similar to us.

“Authority” is Ciadini’s fourth principle which explains its human nature to obey authority figures, even if we find them objectionable.

If you like someone, you are most likely to be influenced by that person. This is explained in the fifth principle “Liking” which is based on sharing similar interests or attracted towards their appearance.

The last principle is “Scarcity” which states when something is in short supply, you want it more.  We don’t want to miss out and this fear encourages us to act quickly.

Understanding and applying these six principles are two of the major skills every blogger should know to make their blog a success.

These principles also allow you to defend yourself against dishonest influence attempts. Thus, it enables you to turn the tables for your success!

Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

Released in 1999, Permission Marketing by Seth Godin was a book of the future.  Back then, it talked about the marketing techniques of today.

Initially, you will find the book talking about building a relationship of trust with clientele.

It guides how selling should not be about making the user uncomfortable by flooding all information about your services.

Instead, you should build trust between your brand and the client's needs.

Once you start addressing their pain points, you will be able to hold their attention.  And also, develop a positive reputation.

Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

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So, summing up, Godin guides how you should gradually and indirectly take your customer's permission before marketing your product to them.

Moreover, the author provides details about the incorporation of relevant links to make a blog post successful.

You will also learn anything and everything that you would like regarding inbound marketing.

Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi

The book, Epic Content Marketing of Joe Pulizzi, came onto bookshelves back in 2013.

However, ever since its release, the book has retained the position of one of the best content marketing books.

Although it is relevant to marketing, the book highlights six fundamental principles of improving your content quality.  It revolves around making your content epic and unique.

The first principle is about how epic content can fill an unmet need.  The content should be useful so it can fill an emotional need.  No matter if it's funny or inspiring, it should be engaging to your buyer persona.

If you want people to remember your blog as a source of epic content, you need to deliver content consistently.  Though every post can’t be epic, it has to be really good.

Pulizzi stresses on delivering the content in human voice in his third principle.  Prospects want to connect with the people behind a business, so make sure to use humour, storytelling, and sarcasm in your content.

Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi

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Your content must express a point of view without being salesy.  The next principles explain the importance of having your own opinion in the content.

Moreover, it shouldn’t just talk about ‘you’ as the more you talk about yourself, the less people will share.

Last but not the least, Pulizzi states that the ultimate goal for your content is to be considered the best.  Of course, it’s not easy as it may sound but through delivering high value to your readers, you can always be the best.

According to Pulizzi, one must address the needs of the readers, be conversational, and offer a perspective.

He believes talking about yourself will not sell the content.  he readers want their issues identified and solved.

So, you should draft the content of blogs and articles from the reader's viewpoint. Pulizzi further talks about the six principles in detail.

Using these six principles, one can improve the content as well as market it all together.

They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan

In 2008, Marcus Sheridan developed the revolutionary business philosophy, which gives success to all businesses.

If applied and embraced completely, this philosophy can boost any business and make you the most trusted voice of your industry.

If you are a blogger, this strategy can help boost your blog algorithms.  After a lot of searching, Sheridan realized he had to stop running after the custom

They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan

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Instead, he had to magnet them towards him and teach his customers to solve their problems online.  These tactics are classified as inbound and content marketing.

The “they ask you answer” strategy is basically about answering and understanding the question: what are the thoughts of my customers?

It serves as a brilliant strategy in blogging, as you can write content that attracts potential clients and interested audiences to your place.

His book, named after the same strategy, teaches you this strategy.

Final Words

Well, now you know all about the very best literature about blog content writing that exists.

As someone owning a business or marketing one, surely, that's some valuable piece of information.

Expose the Secret of Writing Killer Blog Content

Now, all you should do is to pick any of the books mentioned above that best matches with your thoughts. (Or better, you can get more than one!  It's always the more, the merrier when it comes to books!)

Then, befriend it. Yes, that's what you need to do. All of these compositions contain plenty of guidance for you to lead you through your entire content development and marketing plan.

They deliver some rare and handy techniques.

And so, they will be of use to you until some new content-associated advancement makes the ways of today useless (which is not in sight currently).

So, happy reading! We hope you craft the best of killer blog content.