A Simple One Page Marketing Plan for Anyone plan

Marketing plan is essential to the success of every business.  In this article we are proposing a one-page digital marketing plan that everyone can use.

The one page marketing plan will greatly eliminate the frustration that comes along with creating this important masterpiece.

It is a greatly assist in the successful promotion of your products and services which enable you to meet the needs of your target market. 

digital one page marketing plan

Keep it Simple

Marketing plan act as guide and will keep you focused on your goals.

Since a one-page marketing plan template is so simple, you will be forced to be specific about what you intend on achieving as well as the timeline within which you hope to do so.

Additionally, it will better enable you to easily track your progress.

How to use the one-page digital marketing plan

The proposed digital marketing plan template can be used as the foundation for all key online marketing activities.

This template is intended to capture the essence of your marketing planning so make sure that you print it and put your thoughts into each cell by using post-it notes.

These notes can be easily assessed and discarded.

After you have printed the added notes to the template, move sequentially down each column and get others involved by sharing your ideas with them and soliciting feedback.

That way you can always improve your plan. It is of utmost importance that you view your Marketing Plan as a live document that you should refine regularly over time.



Your marketing plan must clearly state who your ideal target audience is.

You must also understand their motivations and behaviours because it is on this basis that you will engage, convince and sell your product or service to them.

Here is a list of other things you must consider when defining your target audience:

  • What are they interested in?
  • What products and services do they consume?
  • What are their habits?
  • What are their challenges and needs?
  • How do they make decisions?
  • What value does your product or service deliver to them?
  • How does your solution meet their primary need?

Niche Market

Your one-page marketing plan template must have a clearly defined niche market which will specify exactly who it is you are marketing to.

This is important so that you can maximize your marketing budget by knowing exactly where to advertise.

Additionally, you can create your website content to suit your niche market and that website can then be optimized for search engines so your audience can easily find you.

You can also develop ideas for new products or services that appeal to your specific niche and most importantly, you have an advantage in establishing yourself as a leader in your industry.

Say for example you are selling swimsuits; one would assume that your target audience would be ladies.

The style of your swimsuits may however appeal to young teenage girls who love to go on spring breaks or attend pool parties.

Moreover, if you have a physical store in Florida for instance then your niche would be teenagers residing in a 50-mile radius to your store.

niche market


Research is imperative in developing any marketing plan.

This allows you to gather and organize information about your target market, their needs and understand where your business fits within the market.

From the data gathered, you can design better products, and develop marketing messages that will attract quality leads and improve conversion rates.

Never assume when it comes to making money.  Research will win every time over assumptions.  Furthermore, with research you are better able to make informed decisions rather than plan in a vacuum. 

Proper research will allow you to gain powerful insights thus making you more competitive.  Do not make research complicated, it can be done via, surveys, interviews and observations.

one page marketing


Your one-page digital plan must outline your market positioning.  This should include the 4 Ps: promotion, price, place and product.

Positioning of a brand or product is a process which markets the brand or product in such a way to create an image within the minds of the target audience. 


A properly designed marketing strategy should be fundamentally rooted in a company’s value proposition.

In essence, your digital marketing plan must outline a ‘game plan’ for how you will reach prospective customers.

This can be done via social media, videos, tutorials, blogging, search engines, advertisements, influencers, email marketing and affiliate programs.



Your one-page digital marketing plan must state the price of your products/services.

When choosing price, you must bear in mind your company’s financial goals, the competition and the realities of the industry.

Essentially, price must support positioning.


Sales plans are inextricable linked with marketing plans.

This is because sales plans help businesses define their sales targets and aid in the selection of sales strategies best suited to their target market.

Sales plans also assist with identifying sales tactics for your sales team.

These plans assist with budgeting and the clarification of steps to be taken in achieving targets and must not be excluded from the marketing plan.


How you will increase awareness, create interest, generate sales and create brand loyalty are dependent on promotion.

This can be done through advertising, social media, search engines, direct marketing and personal selling.

Promotion is therefore an essential element of your one page digital marketing plan and must be clearly outlined.



How will you make your goal a reality?

To do so you must employ strategic actions/tactics that will direct the promotion of your products/services in order to influence selected marketing goals.

Some tactics that can be utilized are sponsorships, endorsements, pay per click, paid advertisements and advertorials.

Such tactics must be clearly outlined in your one-page digital marketing plan template.


Clearly outline what free product or service of value you will offer in exchange for people completing a call to action.

Offers can be in the form of coupons, product samples or even free membership.

Such offers paired with a CTA (Call To Action) allow you to build profiles of leads so you can market to them more effectively.

It also allows you to determine where interest is heaviest so that you can create content in that regard.

These offers may even create opportunities to commence building trust in your brand.

simple marketing plan


How will you get those offerings to the consumer in a way that optimizes value?   This is another essential component in formulating your one-page marketing plan.

Your delivery strategy must cover everything that gas to do with the delivery of your products or services.

It includes how you present the delivery information on your website or sales page, for example how the product will arrive on the doorstep or the service in your computer.


Customers must be allowed to give transparent details about their experiences with your product or service.

When customers feel that they have a voice, they are likely to be loyal to your brand.  Feedback can be solicited through focus groups, social media and app technology. 

Feedback can help with strategic planning and future marketing promotions so this too must be an integral part of the formulation of your marketing plan template.

Final Words

These one-page marketing plan is very simple and easy to follow by anyone.  Rest assured that once you devise this plan and follow it strategically, you will be on the right path in executing a successful business..

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