AIDA Model: The Simple 4 Steps To Successful Marketing Communications

AIDA model is the oldest and most known formula that frequently used to affect users to act on your marketing message.

AIDA, is marketing term acronym that stands for Attention (or Awareness), Interest, Desire and finally, Action.

Digital marketers use channels such as social media, email, search engines, websites, or other digital channels to market their products or services.

Also known as the conversion funnel, it is the process marketers used to understand the buyer and to nurture prospective customers throughout their customer journey.

The 4 Stages AIDA Model:

aida model

Awareness or Attention

This first step involves creating awareness of your brand, and gaining the attention of potential customers.

This is the most important operation, as refer to your ability to hook your audience and stay with you until the end of the journey.

In order to grab the attention you need something interesting and relevant which can attract the eyes of your potential customer.

For example, create a stand out headline which it should be short, appealing and outline what your product or service is about.

Be very careful, the message it should be specific about what problem your product solve for the user.

attention and awareness


After creating awareness, the next step is holding and sustaining the interest for your product or service.

It is very important to give them at least a reason to to stick around by sing different tools like text, video, pictures, storytelling etc.

Explain the problem or problems in detail, make it personal if possible and give them detailed information about the solution.



Ensuring potential customers’ interest, your work as a marketer is to persuade the customer why they should purchase your product or service.

Out of all steps this is by far the most difficult to implement due to the fact that you have to address the customers’ emotions, to trig their desire.

By outlining the benefits of the product or service to address the customer’s emotions, a marketer creates the desire in their customers.

For those who are familiar with marketing, they understand that most of the times people buy things because they want and not need them.

The buying process it is not an intellectual thing or a rational decision, its an entirely emotional action.

Let me help you with an example. You do not buy a Bentley to get you from point A to point B.

In a few words what you have to do is to get the potential customers from their ‘logical’ brain and redirect them to ‘emotional’ one.



Once you have created the desire, you would want the customer to convert it to action.

You need to be very convinced in this final step, a crystal clear value proposition and a simple call to action.

It is important to generate a seamless purchasing process, such as adding a shopping cart, easy and straightforward with no distractions.

There are many creative ways you can use to encourage your potential customers to take immediate action.

You can create a sense of urgency, for example offering a big discount or bonuses for those who act fast and buy right now. 


Importance Of AIDA Model In Digital Marketing

From carrying out Search Engine Optimization to Paid Media Marketing to Digital PR activities, marketers can use this model to connect with their targeted audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Marketers utilize the AIDA Model for search engine optimization when creating content across the site.

When users are at the top of the funnel, the awareness stage, they are merely browsing and gathering more information.

Users are not sure what product or service they are looking for at this stage. What can a marketer do at this stage to attract customers?

Marketers have to analyse information and create content around their product or service to increase the brand awareness.

This procedure will help the understanding of their potential customers needs ans wants and improve the steps to funnel down.

An example of this would be that if you are marketing a car dealership and your target is young drivers who wish to purchase their first car.

You have to be visible in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) for question-based queries like “what are the safest cars for a first-time driver?”

Keep always you customers inspired to read the next paragraph of your post or watching the video which explains the different solutions.

Improve your landing pages or your entitle sales funnel to ensure the highest conversion rate and not waste any traffic.

Another way to enhance your sales funnel is by adding on-site data that entices the users to easy distinguishes your products or services from competitors.

Examples of on-site data include, testimonials of previous customers, or a FAQ section for further questions that can help them make their purchase.

Customers become more valuable as they move down the AIDA funnel as they are less likely to bounce back, and there are higher chances of them making a purchase.

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An Example Of The AIDA Model In Business

Netflix, which is a multi billion American technology, and media service provider also uses the AIDA Model to appeal and convert Indian users who prefer watching free-content to buy their subscriptions.

Here is what Netflix does to attract them.

Stage 1: Creating Awareness

To create awareness, Netflix uses many common advertising mediums to inform its users about what they offer.  Some of the advertising mediums include:

• Print advertisements
• Partnerships with service providers like Airtel
• Display advertisements (Adwords)
• Youtube advertisements

Netflix chooses to advertise some famous or Netflix originals to create its awareness.

Stage 2: Generating Interest

Once users are aware of Netflix and visit Netflix’s landing pages, they are welcomed by a one-month free subscription offer that allows them to all of Netflix’s shows and features.


Stage 3: Securing Desire

Once users experience some of Netflix’s features and get used to the seamless viewing experience, Netflix will secure desire by offering the following elements in their subscriptions.

• Netflix offers exclusive movies, shows, and documentaries.
• High-resolution videos
• Support for every device (watch anywhere you go)
• No ads while streaming videos
• Personalized recommendations of TV shows and movies, based on viewing patterns
• Multi-screen viewing
• Continue watching a video from where you left
• Support for low-speed internet devices, etc.
• Netflix offers multiple TV series and movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, and other regional industries.
• Multiple profiles under one account
• Download and watch offline option

Stage 4: Enabling Action:

Lastly, Netflix converts users into real customers who pay by hooking them to what has to offer.

The business does this by providing a variety of subscription offers and an option to stop them.

Final Words

The AIDA Funnel helps marketers identify different cognitive stages that an individual goes through the purchasing process of a service or product.

Offline marketing strategies also use his traditional marketing model to attract potential customers. An example would be coupons and billboards.

The flexible nature of the AIDA model allows marketers to easy apply it to their digital marketing strategies.

We have also prepared two more simple tools to help you managing your online business.

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