Builderall 3.0 Review

Full Review of Builderall 3.0.  

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Selling online today becomes a very complicated, expensive and highly competitive ground. You will probably agree that you need at least tools like a website, web hosting, email auto-responder and a sales funnel builder to start.

Buying, managing and syncing up all the above tools, plus more depending on your needs, is expensive, time consuming and a technical headache, especially for newcomers in internet marketing.

Builderall 3.0 claims to be the answer to all marketers' prayers and problems. Well, very optimistic claims or too good to be true?  Let’s find out…

In this Builderall 3.0 review (2020) we are going to cover:

Summary: What is Builderall 3.0?

The Builderall platform project was created by Erick Salgado in 2011.  The main goal was to offer a complete and comprehensive platform to digital marketers and entrepreneurs. 

Into this digital marketing platform, you will find a collection of marketing tools that helps you to run almost every aspect of your online business.  There have been many improvements and new releases since its introduction 9 years ago.

Bulderall apps

The five main sections are:

  1. 1
    Builders: In this section you will find all the software and apps to build your website, sales funnel, e-commerce platform and many more tools to build your online presence
  2. 2
    Email marketing: Mailing Boss is the name of the integrated full featured email auto responder service for Builderall platform
  3. 3
    Engagement is the name of the third section. Inside this section there are 11 different tools like CRM, Bots, script generators and many more which allow you to engage with your audience
  4. 4
    Design section contains a bunch of apps which will trigger your imagination to be creative and produce a unique presence
  5. 5
    Finally, reports is the home of SEO optimisation and heat maps app

Main Elements of the platform

With more than 30 tools available in this platform we have to focus mainly on the core features that any marketing platform normally offers like Website and Funnel builder, email auto responder and customer data and relationship management.

New Drag and Drop Cheetah Builder

Cheetah builder

Cheetah is the name of the brand new website and sales funnel Builder.  It is not an upgrade of the previous ‘Perfect Pixel Builder’, which is still available for use in this section.

Cheetah builder is one of the best features in this platform. It provides the tools to build professional, optimized and responsive websites, landing pages and funnels.  Using the drag and drop editor you can complete your project in minutes.

The Drag and drop structure is beginner friendly and really easy to use.  Also super-fast load speeds on desktop or mobile version.

The best aspect of this builder is the pre-made templates.  These templates include ready-made websites, pages, images, videos, head forms and more.  You can also add headers and footers, testimonials, checkouts and beautiful design banners etc.

Canvas Funnel Builder

The Canvas Funnel Builder is a unique feature to Builderall, and extremely rare to find something like that, attached in any other marketing platform.

Canvas Funnel Builder

This tool allows you to create quickly and easy a ‘virtual model’ of any digital marketing project.  The canvas gives you a map of your entire funnel as well as the flexibility to add or delete pages, disconnected and reconnected parts of the funnel, wherever you want it.

The Canvas Funnel Builder supports any funnel type and complexity you can ask.  The most important piece is that is coming up with pre-made templates for webinars, product launches, letters, videos, e-books, tripwires and e-learning.

If you don’t want to choose a pre-made template, you can design your own unique funnel.  You may start to work from scratch by following your pathway, dragging in different pages and connecting them in the canvas itself.

When you are ready and happy with your project, you just launch it with a click.  You do not have to go through this process manually.  Everything will go live and your formats, pages and links will be created for you ready to use.


Mailingboss is the name of the email marketing automation platform. In other words, it is a robust build auto-responder that handles your email marketing.

You get all the pieces that an auto responder has to provide like edit templates, schedule, adding tags, build out sequences and create email marketing campaigns.  You will find many professional looking templates or edit and create something unique for you.


The most impressive feature in Mailingboss is that you build out your campaigns on a canvas which means that you can see the physical flow of your emails.  This visual view helps you see the anatomy of your email strategy.

The automation workflow is decent -maybe not so powerful as ActiveCampaing or ConvertKit- but will complete your job without problems.  You can also create email campaigns to a selected list of your subscribers.

A quick review of the extra Features

BuilderAll strategy seems to focus on keep evolving their platform.  They keep updating their software and try to getting better and better every time. 

They do not only update their software but they keep on coming up with new tools.

Below we will try to give you a quick review of the extra features you get with Builderall 3.0, most of the are new additions to the platform.


In addition to Cheetah for building websites and sales funnels, Builderall also offers a brand new e-commerce solution.  In reality this software is powered by Magento which is a popular alternative to Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart and PrestaShop.

chart builderall

Magento offers an online store builder application which is focused on listing and selling physical products.  You create your own online store, with your own domain or you can use a free subdomain.

Magento costs over $2,000 per year, but Builderall uses the open source version which is free.  On the other hand, even with the free version you still need hosting and security certificates.  You have been covered from BuilderAll with no extra charge.

Pixel Perfect Builder

This is the old sales funnel builder before the launch of Cheetah.  You can still use it but we are not going to review it as Builderall is moving to Cheetah.  We do not know if it will be available for use in the future.

Builderall Booking

Your booking tool to create and manage calendars for appointments and events.  In essence is a time management app, like Google Calendar.  The good news is that you will be able to integrate your Booking with Google calendar in the near future.

WordPress 3 Click Integration.

Create, build and publish your own WordPress webpages. 

wordpress logo

You can take advantage of this app to integrate your WordPress site and take advantage of the hosting, speed and security of BuilderaAll.

Webinar Builder

Create, record and publish a webinar to reach and engage with your audience.  You can save recorder webinars or even publish live your content to your guests.  It is a user friendly app and you get your webinar up and running in minutes.


The most interesting feature, especially for beginners, is the ‘ghost users’.  You can set the bots inside the app to make comments in order to give your audience an incentive to start chatting and asking questions.

Chat Builder

The Chat builder allows you to set up a chatbot on your website. It is a clean, modern and intuitive app with a power visual builder.   The bot can perform different tasks such as collect names, emails or phone numbers.

Easy creation of new messaging flows and fully chat customisation to specific situations or scenarios.  When you are ready and happy with the message sequence you can add it to your website in the form of an iframe embed code.


Use e-learning platform to teach and produce online courses and lessons.  You can reduce your course creation time drastically from several months to few hours. 


You can build free and paid unlimited courses in order to boost your leads and client engagements.

App Builder

Amazing value for money service that you can’t believe that is included in Builderall 3.0 platform for free.  You can create your own apps and publish them on the most popular stores like Apple, Amazon and Google Play.

Professional Emails

Another handy resource which you can use to generate professional emails for your connected domains.  You can create unlimited emails and alias using your domain name as extension, e.g.:

Share Locker

Make your content go viral using Share Locker.  It ‘blocks’ your website visitors from having access to certain content unless take action like share it or like it. 

site locker

Not sure if this app offers any advantages at all.

Social Proof Pop-up

You can show your website visitors things they don’t usually see, like who bought a product or a new user sign up. Social Proof Pop-up is a helpful hand in order to highlight offers, display recent purchases, and track customers on your website.

Builderall Unlimited Magazine Builder

Make your own magazine. You can create custom reading experiences and create an extra asset for your marketing.


You can build you digital magazines without being a programmer or a designer, the only thing you need is creativity.

Mockup Studio

It’s your studio to design mockup images and gifs. You don’t have to spend hours learning how to use Photoshop. 

mockup studio

Use the ready-made templates developed by professionals to grab viewers’ attention and drive action more effectively.

3D Photo Editor Studio

Edit your photos, create logos, and social media graphics with just few clicks. Builderall’s photo studio is easy to use, with an extensive selection of editing tools.  A powerful software for anyone who has no editing expertise.

Animated VSL Video Builder

If you want to do animated videos but you think that it is very complicated, then, you will fell in love with this software. 

animated videos

You can make unlimited sales animated video and publish them in your website or your social media channels.

You can design your own characters and different expressions.  If creativity is not your advantage you get ideas or use the exclusive characters which is available in the product’s library.

Transparent Floating Videos

Floating video technology keeps your video playing in the corner of a screen, when a user scrolling down the page. Impress your visitors by creating floating videos in minutes without the need for expensive software.

Presentation Studio

It allows you to create professional business presentations inside the Builderall platform.  This is the Builderall’s version of Powerpoint or free alternatives like Google Slides and Open office impress.

Video Wrapper

Video Wrapper Draw allows you to customise your videos with images and texts. 

video wrapper

You can produce videos that can get more attention and boost your audience’s engagement.

Video Tag Tool

One more app to your marketing folder.  With video tag tool you can add actions to your videos effortless. Customise any video, connecting clickable buttons or images tags making it easy to increase CTA (Calls-To-Actions).

Video Funnel Builder

Build a sales funnel without using pages but videos.  You can create and share funnel videos by adding image tags with actions like calls, emails or URLs.

Video Sales Letter

Professional Website Bot

A bot or chatbot is an automated messaging software that uses artificial intelligence to converse with people. Website bot is a chatbot for your website.  It is a modern intuitive, clean, modern and user friendly app.

There is a visual builder for the flow of the messages which make it easy to check the right order of the entire sequence.  You can set the bot to ask for names, emails or phone numbers of your visitors.

The advantage of a chatbot is that gives your visitors the feeling that you are constantly live and accessible to interact with them.

Professional Messenger Chatbot

A dedicated app to create a Facebook chatbot messenger.  You can’t ignore Facebook in your marketing strategy. 


You can automate your communications with prospects and clients and increase engagement and drive more leads.

Script Generator

Script generator is a great start if you are new to copyrighting.  It is a fact that a persuasive sales copy is a must in marketing.  The process of creating a sales copywriting is very straight forward.

First, you are going through several questions about your targeted customer and product or service.  Then you choose the industry and the type of script (e.g. email).  Finally, you receive a selections of different scripts to choose and you are ready to go.


A Customer Relationship Management system is a crucial component to manage customer data.  Today, almost all marketers focus to find new leads and totally forgot the interaction with the current customers.

Builderall 3.0 CRM manage and analyse interactions with its past, current and potential customers.  Store and run your business data and information, all in one place.  The CRM software integrates excellent with your website and your sales funnels.

SMS Messaging

A mobile marketing engine that reaches your leads efficiently by text messages.  The conversion rate of messaging is higher, comparing to emails or posts. 

sms messaging

SMS Messaging supports bulk text messages to a large number of recipients simultaneously.


Telegram is a popular cloud based messaging platform focus heavily on security.  Builderall, integrates this app within its own app gallery.  You can take full advantages of Telegram growing popularity by created automated messages and bots to promote your products.

Instagram Auto responder

Automatically respond to your Instagram followers on your social post with this chatbot. Inside you will find a lot of different settings to customise each auto reply according to your needs. 

instagram autoresponder

Increase the connection with your followers by ensuring reply always on time.

Browser Notification App

Improve your audience connection through their internet browser. This app gives you a real time access with your users and get more qualified leads.  Personalise, automate and do more with browser notification, fast and easy.

Social Autopost App

Better social media management with this all-in-one tool. With so many channels out there you need a mechanism to deal effectively and efficiently. 


Social Auto post saves you time by managing multiple social networks under one roof.

Builderall Video Hosting.

With Builder Video Hosting you have the option to host your videos inside the platform instead of YouTube or Vimeo. 

Video is one of the best converting tools today. With this new app you can host your videos with Builderall and have complete control.

For example, you can check how many people watch up to 25%, up to 50% or the full length of it.

Then you can decide if this video is good and not good or let’s say if you need to do a better job on the first 20 seconds of it.

So, if you have the numbers and the statistics it is easy to improve your videos.

SEO On-Page Report App

In essence is a quick check on your page SEO strategy. You can analyse your page content, checking your images, Tags and all meta information.  It is a very basic tool comparing with competition but hopefully will be improved on the next update.

Click Map

Actually, Click Map is a Heat Map, as commonly known, which helps you to find out where your visitors have been paying more attention. 

A heat map is a chromatic spectrum, warm to cool, that shows you which part of a webpage has the most clicks.

heat map

By using Click Map you can have a visualisation of where exactly your visitors have been clicking on each page.

Installing this app will help you understand how users navigate your pages and your site and take action to improve or update poor parts or elements.

BuilderAll 3.0 Pricing Details

The new Builderall 3.0 brought a radical change to pricing plans.  Before the new update you had a choice between the Essential Plan at $29.90/month and the Premium plan that was $69.90/month.

Now there are only four plans that are much more generous with what you can get.  The biggest change is the Free plan. Now you can choose between 5 pricing options from free to $69.90/month.

price free

Free Plan

It is obvious that this plan has a lot of limitations, like no option to connect your domain name. On the other hand, you get 1 GB disk space and ticketing support.  The most important feature is that you can have access to Mailingboss with 100 subscribers.

pricing plan

Builder Plan

That is the cheapest paid option at $19.90/month.  You can connect up to three domains, 2 GB of disk space and live chat support.  Moreover, website daily backup, SSL certificate, fast CDN servers and DDOS attack prevention

Marketer Plan

The starting professional option for internet marketers with a price tag of $29.90/month.  You get up to 5,000 subscribers 5 GB of disk space and 5 domain connections.  Also you get access to CRM and to SMS messaging app.

pricing plans

Essential Plan

The best value for money price in the market today with $49.90/month only. 10 domain connections, 15,000 subscribers and 10 GB disk space.  Additionally, you can install chatbots for your website and Facebook.

Premium Plan

The best plan in the market you can buy today.  Access to all Builderall’s tools, unlimited subscribers and 15 domain connections.  Also, you get access to funnel club, a library of more than 30 professional designed funnels.  All the above for $49.90/month.

Competitor’s Pricing

Pricing is the competitive advantage of Builderall 3.0.  Comparing with the main competitors like ClickFunnels and Kartra the winner is Builderall hands down.

clickfunnels pricing

ClickFunnels entry plan starts at $97.00/month or $1,164/year.  You can connect only 3 domains and you have a limit of 20 funnels and 100 pages in total.  The most important disadvantage is that you don’t have any access to their auto responder.

Kartra’s Starter plan starts at $99.00/month or $1,188/year.  You get 2,500 subscribers and 1 domain.  There are more limitations like 15,000 email/month, 20 products, 100 pages, 50 videos and 50 GB bandwidth

kartra pricing

Comparing the competitor’s plans to Marketer plan ($29.90/ month or $358.80/year) you save at least $805.00/year.

Furthermore, you get 5 domains and 5,000 subscribers.  There are no restrictions to number of pages, funnels, videos and bandwidth.

When it comes to premium plans the gap between competitors and Builderall is huge.  ClickFunnels price is $3,564/year and Kartra’s price is $5,988/year.

You will pay only $838.8 for Builderall’s plan and you will save at least $2,725/year.

Builderall 3.0 Pros and Cons

Builderall is an internet marketing platform with more than 30 different products under the same roof.   That fact is an advantage for some, but disadvantage for others.  There is no perfect fit for everyone and that’s a reality with every similar platform.


However, the biggest problem is lacking of focus at the core products.  The strategy of adding and update as many services as we can sound very appealing but at the end of the day it is not constructive.

Many of the apps are a duplication of existing ones like Presentation Studio.  You can easily work with Google Slides or Powerpoint.  There is no reason to spend time and money for a software like that.

Also, Share Lock is another obsolete function.  You don’t want to ‘blackmail’ your visitors to give you their email or share something in order to access a page or content.  The same with SEO App or Calendar, there are better tools in the market to choose.

Additionally, the overload of platform with so many services makes it look complicated comparing to competition. ClickFunnels and Kartra are more clear, intuitive, user friendly and looks more professional than Builderall.


On the other hand, the most important advantage as we mention above is the pricing model.  With 5 plans to choose, from Free to Premium it’s the best deal you can get today.

Selling products online requires at least a funnel builder and an email auto responder.  These two tools only can cost more than $90.00/month, if you buy them separately.  If you need more like hosting, chatbots or webinars then the cost is skyrocketing.

Builderall regularly updates the apps and the software in its platform. They are always improving things and fix bugs or problems.  Every report is recorder and the problems are fixed with the next update.

In the platform you can find tools that will really boost your productivity and your customer’s engagements.  Builderall Canvas, App Builder, Script Generator, Mockup Studio and Video Tag Tool are some of them.

Affiliate Program

Builderall’s affiliate program is one of the best profitable schemes in the market.  The affiliate program is continuously updated and evolving following the company’s strategy.  To join, you don’t need to buy any plan or pay any fee.

The new Builderall 3.0 affiliate plan released is completely rebuild. It is more complex to understand comparing with the classic ones.  That’s why affiliate plan offers both tier 1 and tier 2 bonuses.

The 2nd tier commission system mechanism works in two levels.  The first tier of earning is the same as in a classic affiliate program.  The only difference is the extra tier (2nd), where affiliate earn an additional commission generated from their referrals.

affiliate program

Commissions construction

As an affiliate, for every new sale, you earn 100% commission on your customer’s first payment.  Every time your referrals pays their monthly fee, you earn a 30% recurring commission.

The second tier recurring commission is 30% as well.  This means that every time the customer pays their monthly fee you earn a commission in addition.  It is a very good incentive and motivation to build up your team of affiliates under you.


Builderall is an all-in-one internet marketing platform which will help you create, expand and establish your digital business.  In this platform there is a collection of tools that you will need to compete and succeed online.

There are more than 30 services in one dashboard.  Most of them are great apps but a small number, maybe 2 – 3 of them are needed more attention to details.  The best parts of Builderall 3.0 are:

• The new Cheetah website and sales funnel builder which is one of the best and fastest builder out there.

• The Canvas Funnel Builder, a new feature as well that it is rare to find in any other marketing platform.

• Website and Facebook chatbots, apps that are essential for collecting leads and engage your customers.

• eCommerce, the online store builder to sell physical products based upon popular Magento platform.

• e-learning, an easy and user friendly platform to create your free and paid courses and lessons.

• Mailingboss auto responder, which you can make use of it in every paid subscription, even in free plan as well.


Investing in Builderall 3.0 it will save you a chunk of money considering that you don’t have to buy separately web hosting, email auto responder or any other feature inside the platform.

Comparing Builderall pricing with its main rivals, ClickFunnels and Kartra, can save you from $ 805.00 up to $2,725.00/year.  The truth is that it does not look ‘polished’ and ‘professional’ as the competition, but you can do exactly the same jobs.

The other big advantage is the two tier affiliate recurring program.  You get 100% on the first payment and 30% recurring commission every month.  The same 30% per month applies from any affiliate sale your referral or referrals have completed.

Builderall 3.0 is marketing platform that fits perfectly with new entrepreneurs and start-ups.  It saves them valuable cash which they can use to be more productive in their marketing campaigns.

Also, consultants, content creators, eCommerce businesses (B2B and B2C), can cover most of their online operations using Builderall. 

The New Builderall 4.0 is here.  Read the review...