The 21 Day Blog Challenge Review

Do you want to start a blog but you don’t know where to start?  Have you started your blog but you are struggling to put things in the right order?

Do you want to learn how to make money online?  Create a really passive income but you are confused from the online ‘gurus’?

The 21 Day Blog Challenge is the answer to your questions.

Yes, you can achieve all your goals without spending months to figure out ‘how’ or even build your blog without leaving your day job.

21 day Blogger photo

This revolutionary (program) challenge will help you to build your complete foundations in order to build a blogging machine that drives sales on autopilot.

It is a step by step process and in just 21 days you will be able to identify the strategies you have to follow and focus all your energy on the things that matters most.

Who are the creators and mentors

Spencer Mecham and Nate McCallister are the creators and instructors. They have build and run their own successful blogs which are producing astonishing results.

Spencer Mecham is a legend in affiliate marketing. He is best known for being one of the first people to earn over $1,000,000 promoting Clickfunnels.

Spencer Mecham

He is also a blogger, YouTuber and Clickfunnels Two Comma Club and Dream Car winner.  He is the top affiliate for a handful of other large programs.

Nate McCallister

Nate McCallister is the founder and main contributor of He has a deep understanding and knowledge of Amazon FBA program.

Nate is also a Clickfunnels dream car winner and has earned over $1,000,000 from just one of his blogs.

Program Structure

21 Day Blog Challenge structure consists mainly of 6 different blocks that lead you to a path which helps you avoid costly mistakes in time and money.

21 day blog structure

Day 1 – 5

The first five days of the program are dedicated to totally inexperienced students.  Lessons are focusing on the basics, like setting up hosting and theme.

On the other hand, special assignments have been prepared for students who already have their blogs established during this beginning stage.

day 1-5 program structure

Although, this phase is designed for beginners we highly recommend to experienced users not to avoid day 2 and 3, concerning research and choosing niche and product.

The information regarding niche and product research tips are hard to find anywhere else with this structure and plan.

Day 6 – 10

The next five days are focusing to more ‘technical’ stuff like theme builder, disclaimers and menus, plugins, thumbnails and branding.

day 6-10 program structure

It sounds boring, I know, but Nate delivers amazing tips and step by step tutorials to get it done right and avoid any mistakes.

By completing this block, you will not only have a fully functional blog, but also a beautiful one that will be proud of.

Additionally, you will set the pillars for a SEO optimised website.

Day 11 – 13

These 3 days are moving to more advanced topics, like installing Google analytics, social media and SEO.

Day 11 is dedicated to Google analytics.  Why it is important, how to install and verify it and what is Google search console and its importance.

day 11-13 program structure

The next day’s lesson is an introduction to social media.  Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are covered as the most popular platforms for bloggers.

Day 13, is diving into SEO and its importance, on-page, off-page SEO and the difference between long tail vs short tail keywords.

You will gain knowledge of how to rank your pages and ensure that every post you write perform well in search engines.

Day 14 – 15

One of the most important aspect of blogging -and beyond that- is how to find and use ‘money making’ keywords.

The understanding of the ability and skills to find the right keywords for your project is the crucial point between the successful and the hopeless content.

You will be introduced to various keyword research tools starting from simple and free methods and going up to more complex and professional ones.

day 14-15 program structure

Moreover, you learn how to find your competitors in your niche and ‘spy’ on their content and the keywords they are using to rank in Google.

Spencer is not making a plain presentation of different keyword tools but gives out tons of tips, hacks and creative approaches that put you ahead from competition.

At the end of day 15 you will be able to find high potential topics and avoid waste time and energy writing things that people won’t read.

Day 16 – 18

Two days that will lead your way to create content that converts. You will learn how to write relevant content that answer people’s questions.

Nate is teaching not only how to start a blog post from scratch but tricks and tips of making a blog post looking awesome.

Furthermore, he is introducing tools and apps that you can use to generate engaging headlines to improve your article readability.

day 16-18 program structure

The most vital lesson about writing is not only producing engage blog posts but also learn the route of how to monetize them seamlessly.

Finally, day 18 is dedicated to internal and external links.  Buying backlinks, guest posting and 404 errors are some topics that covered in detail.

Day 19 – 21

Last three days of the 21 day blog challenge.  Email marketing is the last topic. Learn how to grow your email list is a vital component of passive income building.

Despite all the new ‘guru prophesies’ the money is in the list.  Become an expert in driving low cost traffic and high quality conversions organically. 

day 19-21 program structure

Day 19 is dealing with lead magnet types and why is the most valuable asset in order to collect leads and grow your list.

In the same day you will acquire a step by step knowledge of how to subscribe and use an email marketing platform.

Day 20 and 21 are designed to gain an understanding of creating emails sequences, opt-ins, short codes and content locks.

Extra Materials and Resources

Spencer and Nate build the 21-day blog challenge not only as a digital on line course but as a complete foundation you can grow with. 

21 day blog materials and resources

Besides the online courses you also get:

• Private members only area: Connect with your instructors (Nate and Spencer), ask them for clarifications or even discuss new ideas.  Moreover, connect with other dedicated bloggers and start growing your network.

• Structured assignments: Each lesson leads to corresponding action item that ensures you complete everything that needs to be done.

• Library of checklists and worksheets: No more guessing.  Do your homework and feel confident that you are heading in the right direction.

• Access the plug and play templates collection that automatically works on every new article or blog post.

• Exclusive discounts: Nate and Spencer use their authority to negotiate several killer discounts on tools and services for the members. 


I have personally bought and completed the 21-day blog challenge and I believe it’s the best program money can buy today.

You won’t find anything else out there with a price tag of $97.

I have bought so many programs paying thousands of dollars without getting any real value at all.

21 day program features

If you genuinely want to start your blog and wish to build a really passive income from your passion, then you have to stop dreaming and start doing.

I will also recommend this program not only to bloggers but anyone who aspires to go online and needs to build a solid foundation to start.

On the other hand, the question is if you can do it alone. The answer is, yes you can, but not like this.

Today, you can find tons of information online but is it worth it to waste years of time and effort figuring out what is working and what not?

21 day program features
21 day program features

You will learn to avoid mistakes and inefficiencies by coping a step by step successful plan that works.

You will avoid the embarrassment of writing really bad content that none would read or write 100s of posts just praying something sticks.

The value is really insane if you think that in the price you also get mentoring from two of the best internet marketers.

When you completed the 21-day program you will have the mind-set and skill set required to get results more quickly and efficiently.

Finally, you will connect with a network from like-minded bloggers which will give you support and feedback to grow faster your digital business.

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