The New Builderall 4.0 Upgrade Review

The New Builderall 4.0 Upgrade Review 

On 01/10/2020, Builderall 4.0 was released. There is a lot to share regarding this upgrade, so we will try to give you the best and most important highlights.

Builderall is a digital marketing platform which hosts more than 40 tools under the same roof. You can read more about the tools here.

In this article we are focusing more on the main changes that Builderall 4.0 brings, regarding tools upgrades and changes.

It is not a secret that at the beginning there were some glitches in the platform, and that's normal with any new software.

During the past year though, all of these glitches were solved and improved. The truth is that they spent a lot of time to develop 4.0 version which is more solid.

The New Drag and Drop Cheetah Builder

First things first, the new Cheetah builder is not in beta mode anymore and the new elements added make it a game changer.

Cheetah Builder is not a page or funnel builder, but you can also generate an entire website either from scratch or using the pre-made templates.

It is intuitive, user friendly, fast and without being tech savvy, you can create beautiful websites or funnels.

cheetah Buillder

The most amazing feature added in Cheetah funnel builder is called blueprint.

You probably know or have seen the funnelytics ( Funnelytics, it's a software that you can use to build a blueprint as well.

But it costs extra, and it not as sophisticated and ‘live’ as Cheetah builder. You just add pictures.

In few words, you can build an entire sales funnel by just building a blueprint or import a ready-made one and then you just push a button to generate it.

Blueprint in a nutshell integrates the functions of Builderall Canvas which is discontinued from new year, 2021.

The builder allows you to build that blueprint so you can see everything, having an eagle view, before we push that button to create a full functional funnel.

cheetah elements

And that actually starts the process of creating a funnel. And then from there, all you do is click start the funnel.

The funnel dashboard allows you to add different types of pages into your blueprint. So if you don't want to add it, page by page, you can just pull in an entire funnel that's pre made.

At the bottom line you can create your whole funnel without doing anything. And all the pages will be connected seamlessly.

Also, you add a checkout system, up-sells down-sells, registration forms, lead magnets whatever you need is here. So this is really amazing.

Another great feature are images. For example, you can add images into the funnel, so you can visually identify where traffic is coming from.

facebook funnel

If you're sending traffic from Pinterest, you can actually put the little Pinterest icon on there to remind you from where this funnel is going to get traffic.

Well, if you have a couple funnels, you don't have to do it. But imagine if you have many funnels or you are doing some consulting or agency job.

In few words, you can create a visual map, and you can put a Facebook or Instagram logo at the very beginning of the funnel.

So all of a sudden it is easy to understand where you will be driving traffic from into your funnel. It's an important part of the actual process.

Finally, you can choose from different available blueprints like lead capture funnels, reverse squeeze page, sales funnel, etc.

Clicking preview button, you can get an idea of what your funnel is looks like, and you can literally download this template and use it or repurpose it, whatever you like.

There are more than 300 funnel templates, more than 400 assets inside the funnel club, and they will keep adding new ones constantly.

Builderall Funnel Club

Builderall Funnel Club was included in premium plan. Well, not any more. It is upgraded and you have to buy it as a new product.

The Funnel Club is a huge collection of pre-made funnels divided in 6 categories:

• Cheetah Funnel Builder
• Chatbot Funnels
• Agency Funnels
• Lead Capture Funnels
• Niche Funnels
• Builderall Premium Funnels

funnel builder

Cheetah Funnel Builder

An impressive selection of 360 professionally purpose build funnels. Just push a button and create an entire site directly from the blueprint.

Inside you will find 24 categories, covering everything from business funnels, course funnels, car funnels etc

chatbot funnel

Chatbot Funnels

Everything regarding chat marketing. You can combine and automate Facebook messenger and SMS to grow your business faster.

A massive collection of 31 different market niches such as: blogger, construction company, driving school, health and fitness and many more.

agency funnel

Agency Funnels

Purpose build niche funnels templates in specific business areas that are designed to provide services to your own clients.

Currently, there are 30 ready-made templates for the most popular niches, for example beauty salon, gym, realtor, tutor, nutritionist etc.

Lead capture funnels

Lead Capture Funnels

The most popular funnels in market, designed to capture and increase leads for your own subscriber lists.

The most fascinating feature of this category is that the lead magnets (e.g. eBook) are included in the funnel, so it saves you time and money.

Niche funnel

Niche Funnels

Actually this category is a marketing tool for agencies or anyone who would like to sell services to business owners.

These funnels are designed as a giveaway to business in order to set up a free account with Builderall and start collecting leads.

premium funnels

Builderall Premium Funnels

This category is dedicated to Builderall affiliates providing affiliate funnels that are optimised for conversions.

You can promote different offers or new launches use your affiliate link. You have the choice to brand the link with your own domain.

The Funnel club is a huge library that costs $199 one time only. The good news is that they are going to keep on adding new templates weekly.

New Pricing Plans

Builderall 4.0 brings a radical change to pricing plans. They are moving from 5 plans to 3.

Builder plan (was at $19.90), marketer plan (was at $29.90) and essential plan (was at $49.90), are discontinued from 01/10/2020

The good news is that if you had purchased any of the above plans, you are grandfathered to it.

This means that you will have access to everything you had before the changes and you will pay the same money for renewal for life.

Magento offers an online store builder application which is focused on listing and selling physical products.  You create your own online store, with your own domain or you can use a free subdomain.

Magento costs over $2,000 per year, but Builderall uses the open source version which is free.  On the other hand, even with the free version you still need hosting and security certificates.  You have been covered from BuilderAll with no extra charge.

free plan

Super Free plan

So the super free plan is still here, but different than the old one. Now you have access to all tools except Funnel Club.

Builderall calls it a super free plan due to unlimited access to every app, but as you can imagine there are some limitations.

For example, you can’t connect your own domain, there is no SSL certificate and you have only 500 MB of free storage space.

On the other hand, you have unlimited access to Mailingboss autoresponder, unlimited subscribers and all automations, really impressive stuff.

It is a perfect plan for newbies, as you have time to learn all tools and features before you set up your business and without paying nothing upfront.

premium plan

Premium plan

The second available plan is now the premium plan, which is the same as it was with Builderall 3.0

The price tag is $69.90 per month for limited time only, until the end of year. The price is going up to $99.90 per month from January 1st 2021.

You have 10 GB of disk space, up to 15 domains to connect and of course unlimited subscribers.

The only change in this plan is that you do not have access to Funnel Club as you have to buy it separately.

If you have your own website and funnels design and you are happy with that, then this plan is a good fit.

You can build free and paid unlimited courses in order to boost your leads and client engagements.

funnel club plan

Funnel Club plan

Finally, the last one is the Funnel Club plan and you are going to literally have everything you need to build an online business.

The cost is $199.00 one time, and that gives you access to a library of more than 400 pre-made websites and funnels.

If you are good in maths, the actual cost for Funnel Club is only £129.10 as the initial price of $199.00 includes the first month’s subscription.

The most amazing news is that Funnel Club will be a dynamic library, which means new templates will be added weekly.


Although the pricing strategy has changed, Builderall 4.0 remains the best value for money marketing platform today.

The new free plan with unlimited subscribers and access to all Builderall 4.0 tools (except Funnel Club) is an alternative to Groovefunnels base plan success.

groove funnels free plan

Groovefunnels base (free) plan has its own limitations regarding funnels and websites. You can build only 3 and you have access to only one template.

Comparing Groovefunnels and Builderall plans, we have to admit that the update of Builderall 4.0 free plan looks more appealing.

Fast forward to paid plans, Builderall 4.0 prevails again comparing with any big competitor in the market.

Groovefunnels, paid plans, starts from $99.00 per month (Silver) but in order to have access to all features you have to subscribe to platinum plan ($299.00 per month)

Groovefunnels have not yet launched officially, so we need to highlight that the prices above can change in the future.

clickfunnels pricing

Click funnels, plans start from $97.00 per month with limited access to certain tools and you have to pay $297.00 in order to use the platform features in full.

kartra pricing

Karta pricing starts from $99.00 per month with major limitations on platform’s use and you have to pay up to $499.00 per month for full access.

Builderall 4.0 even after price plans upgrade and price increase, remains the most competitive digital marketing platform.

Builderall 4.0 Affiliate Program

The launch of new a version has brought changes to affiliate program as well. Now you have to apply and get approved in order to be an affiliate.

If you buy the Funnel Club, you are granted the affiliate status automatically without any application needed.

There is no change in the 2 tier affiliate program, which remains as it was in Builderall 3.0.


Builderall Marketplace

Marketplace has a new feature in which you can create your own products and invite other affiliates to promote them or sell other’s people affiliate products.

You can create your own affiliate army in there. And once they sell your products, or you sell their products, then you have an overview into your dashboard.

So, your affiliates can also log in and see what they sold, the commission for every sale, and also when they will be getting the money.

The system is already there and it is up to you if you want to use it or not. Please note that you do not have access with the free plan.


Builderall / Simplix Partnership for strategic training

The partnership program created for new internet marketers who are starting now or more experienced ones that would like to be kept updated.

All the digital marketer training is online and leads you to a marketer certification.

Having access to digital marketer training, you learn how to apply the strategies you learnt to you own marketing strategy.

Your instructor is Ryan Deiss (entrepreneur, author, and investor) and his team and the cost is $25.00 per month

design resources

Design Resources

A library with hundreds of ready-made designs and images that you can download and use, all copyright free.

Inside you will find buttons, badges, colours and gradient backgrounds in order to design a unique page, website or funnel.

Another amazing tool in Design resources is called background site Express. In your dashboard, you have a whole bunch of banners and photos created for you.

For example, if you want to sell pizza, you have all the images already here to use for free, for any of your projects.


Booking Calendar App

New features have been added to new Booking Calendar App. Now there is a full integration with Google’s calendar and Zoom.

Furthermore, you can use this tool to book online appointments. It is like Calendly, you can do the same things, for free.

For example, you are a personal trainer and charge $100 / per hour. Your customer has to go through the checkout and pay before the session is confirmed.

Then, you will receive all the relevant information concerning the time, program, contact details etc.

It is a powerful app that will help you manage your everyday schedule efficiently and effectively.


Discontinued Tools and Apps

The upgrade to Builderall 4.0 made some tools outdated. They will be discontinued and removed at the end of 2020

The first one is the Pixel Perfect Pixel, the old website and funnel builder, as will be replaced from the new Cheetah Builder.

The second app is the Builder Canvas Builder as all its functions integrated to Cheetah Builder.

Last app is the eLearning which will be replaced from the New eLearning.


Builderall’s strategy is to keep improving and adding new features or apps to their digital marketing platform.

Although we think dealing with more than 40 tools in a platform it is confusing, we have to admit that the new upgrade to Builderall 4.0 was the best one until today.

The new Cheetah, the core tool of the platform is fully functional and not in beta mode. This drag and drop website, funnel and chatbot builder became more solid.

You can build your funnels in a blueprint, have a complete view of it and go live with just a click of a button.

Moreover, you have three pricing plans to choose, starting from the super free one to premium plan.

Funnel Club plan gives you the option to have access to huge library with ready-made websites, pages and funnels.

Also, a new design resource library has been added to the platform, so you have access to copyright free photos and elements.

Last but not least, Builderall comes with a full upgraded booking app with features that help you with your time management.

We had more small changes to other tools as well, but we tried to focus on the most important ones.

Our verdict is that the new Builderall 4.0 is the best value for money digital platform today.